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The Baby Loft

The Baby Loft How The Story Began "Inspiration for The Baby Loft, comes in the form of my little bundle, Olivia, who was born in August 2009.
Since having Olivia I am astounded daily as to the amount of "stuff" that such a little person needs.
What amazes me most of all is the usage period of approx. 8 - 12 weeks, which is the case for a lot of the baby equipment before it is then hidden away in the loft,
barely used and practically brand new. In addition, you will often also find that other family members are also stocking up their lofts with baby equipment ready to call
upon when your bundle comes to visit"
By Denise Proctor .

And so...... The Baby born.

How The Baby Loft continues to grow......
As the Baby Loft grew Denise needed help and Jane became involved. Denise then had another bundle of joy and decided to sell The Baby Loft. So between Jane and Laura, who are sisters in law The Baby Loft story continues..... "Between us we have bought up five children which has given us a full and comprehensive insight to the equipment required when travelling with a young family. Our aim is to continue the original ethos of The Baby Loft and with the continued customer service and attention to detail that Denise began we are proud of the business we are continuing to nurture"

Laura & Jane

BEHA - The Baby Equipment Hirers Association.

All of our equipment meets the latest safety standards is professionally cleaned and will be delivered and collected personally. We are also members of BEHA - The Baby Equipment Hirers Association.

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